Arm Lift & Thigh Lift in Turkey

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Bum lift and buttock lift is like any cosmetic procedure, but it is described with caution and precision. This process is aimed at beautifying the pelvic area which is for women in particular one of the most important areas, which can cause a psychological problem for many if they have asymmetrical waist and belly area. Here we talk about some of the names that are described by the asymmetrical body in the waist and the abdomen areas, like the shape of the apple, …. , And many more. Therefore, these processes can be included in the framework of those operations, which their results are to have a perfect feminine hip area which is wonderful for women.

Bum lift and buttock lift:

Bum lift and buttock lift can be divided into a set of processes that are similar in goals and results, but differ in the used procedures.

And because getting two perfect hips is not easy, and it requires a great effort by performing several cosmetic operations within specialized beauty centers. The most common operations which are carried out in recent years are:

  • Hip skin tightening.
  • Liposuction of the hip area.
  • Cellulite removal from the pelvis and buttocks.
  • Lift and tighten the buttocks.
  • Lift and reducing buttocks.
  • Lift and enlarging the buttocks.
  • Transplanting of buttocks


The importance of Buttocks lift:

  • We will expand today in everything which is related to the treatment of buttocks because they are the most modern in the field of cosmetic medicine.
  • It has significantly changed the concept of buttocks, and has given hope to many to get the ideal buttocks which they have always hoped to get through other cosmetic operations, or through exercise, or even through diets.
  • However, all previous solutions remain limited and they need continuous work to maintain the achieved results.
  • This has led cosmetic doctors to work continuously to have lasting and radical solutions to the problems of accumulation of fat in the buttocks, or morphological abnormalities that may arise congenitally since the birth of the person, or as a result of an unbalanced diet.


Process Steps:

It is done in several steps.

First: Pre-operation procedures, including:

  • Stop taking some medications such as: blood clots, appetite suppressants, and others.
  • A balanced diet with fasting of eating and drinking 12 hours before the operation.
  • Perform basic tests that precede any surgical procedure that the doctor will ask for.
  • Good psychological preparation of the process, and confidence in the results that will appear immediately after the operation

Second: The stage of conducting the process, in which:


  • It can be either a general anesthetic, or a semi-anesthetic.
  • Select the type of anesthesia as desired by the patient, as well as the doctor’s instructions.


  • This slit which will be done through the process, is too small for stitches.

In case of enlarging:

  • Silicone injection:

Silicon is the basic material for the buttocks that are formed within the process of enlarging and transplanting the buttocks, which are inserted through a small incision. This silicone is placed first above the musculoskeletal layer of the buttocks and has several sizes, depending on what each person chooses.

In the case of the reduction of buttocks:

  • Laser liposuction:

Fat locations are identified.

And then make a small incision then a specific tool is inserted in the incision.

The fat is collected outside the body to follow the withdrawn amount and see if the person needs to suction more fat or not.

Cosmetic suture for surgical incision:

  • Made through cosmetic threads that dissolve spontaneously after a period of time.

It is worth mentioning that it is often not possible to perform the transplant of buttocks without a previous process which is to remove the accumulated fat blocks in order to allow the disposal of inconsistent layers of fat to be replaced by the manufactured buttocks, and get the impressive results.

Third: Recovery period, instructions and postoperative complications:

The required recovery period after the buttocks surgery:

  • It is a delicate operation that needs complete rest after it is performed.
  • Therefore, you must be careful in all actions, movements after the operation, and give the body a sufficient recovery period in order to have the desired results.
  • Protect the transplanted silicon from coming out of its specified place.
  • The doctors estimate the patient. After leaving the cosmetic center, you should spend three days without any type of contacting, or pressure on the buttocks area.
  • He should stay at home for about 3 to 4 weeks before deciding to return to work, and during that period it is necessary to focus on the positions in sitting, sleeping, moving, and standing.

Instructions after postoperative (minimizing and lifting buttocks):


  • In the first month following the operation, you should depend on the thighs when you sit. You should put all the weight on thighs. You should avoid any pressure on the hip area in order to allow the injected silicone to have the required shape.

Sleeping :

  • It is the most dangerous stage after the process, because the person is not aware of the movements that he does, so it is necessary to sleep on the abdomen, or on the periphery, and move away from lying on the back in the first month after the operation.

At home and work:

  • In the daily life, morning hours, and during work, you must complete your work while you are standing, or by relying on some medical products which are recommended by the doctor who is supervising the process, which in turn provides complete comfort to the buttocks while sitting, and protects the buttocks from the risk of relapse

Postoperative Complications:


  • The appearance of bruises is a normal occurrence associated with any cosmetic surgery, or even surgical procedures.
  • There is no need to worry if blue spots appear in the area of operation.

There is a need for complete rest, which is sufficient to overcome these bruises definitively.


  • It is normal that as a result of injected sutures, there will appear to be a mild to moderate swelling.
  • Rest is also the best response to avoid hip swelling

What are the risks of relapse of buttocks?

Tearing the buttocks:

  • In the process of transplanting the buttocks, a mold is placed in the buttock area in order to reach the typical shape.
  • In the context of this, the result of a wrong practice associated with sitting, sleeping, or unsafe movement, as well as the exercise of stressful activities that can cause ruptures, which eventually lead to a setback to the performed surgery.

The appearance of scars in the place of the transplant:

  • It is a risk that threats the success of surgery, and buttock transplant.
  • This is mainly because of the lack of experience of the doctor who is supervising the situation.
  • In cases where the center does not have the necessary equipment to perform a cosmetic operation in a sterile operation room, and with sterile tools to protect against infection or infection, it can cause the operation to fail.


  • If the cracks which are used to reach to the back of the buttocks, are too large,
  • Some kinds of infections after the operation can cause a type of bleeding.

Duration of Buttock lift:

The transplant of the buttocks of operations do not take more than an hour and a half in the specialized centers and by the hands of professional doctors.

It is an enough period of time to discharge the patient from the operating room.


The instructions after lifting and reducing buttocks:

  • After the operation, the patient needs to wear a rubber medical corset on the place where the suction is performed after the operation is completed which helps to reduce inflammation, bruising, and tighten the skin, and draw the aesthetic shape of the buttocks. This must be done after the surgery until the wound is fully healed. The period of wearing the medical corset is from one to eight weeks.
  • The patient may not drive for at least 24 hours after the surgery.
  • The patient needs a rest from work which ranges from 3 days up to 7 days then returning to practice his normal life. Depending on the number of areas of the procedure and its location, sometimes the process of suction of buttocks is done with liposuction.
  • The patient is given antibiotics to heal the wound immediately after the operation.
  • It is possible to take painkillers under the supervision of a doctor to relieve pain which is caused by the inflammation after the operation.
  • The patient can move alone, without help after two days of the operation which is the same period when the bleeding of the wound stops. It is for example a period of two to seven days.
  • As in any surgery may some swelling, or livedo in the skin color may happen
  • The swelling disappears after about four days of the operation, but the bruises and livedo disappear after the first week. The swelling may continue for several months in rare cases.
  • The end result of the reduction of the buttocks is shown after a period of 6 weeks to six months, sometimes a year.
  • Sometimes the patient needs a massage or skin massage until the body returns to its normal position.
  • The patient may exercise, but simple sports, after two weeks of the operation
  • It is not possible to exercise any violent sport at least one month after the operation so as not to open the wound again.
  • In fact, one of the most important steps to maintain the results of the process of lifting and reducing buttocks is to have a stable weight after the procedure,
  • Ensure that the body weight does not increase again significantly, because fatty tissue will grow again with body tissues, so diet with exercising will maintain the results of the process

Centers for buttocks lift:

  • First Plastic Surgery clinic is the most distinguished center in this area and the ideal model which is closed to the organized work that can be done within a cosmetic center.
  • As we are in the middle of the large number of medical centers scattered, the decision of choice has become difficult.
  • It should be emphasized that the quality of the performance, the work archive, the experience of the supervising doctors, and finally the capacity, and the equipment in the center are the most important factors to make the best choice, to do the operation.
  • First Plastic Surgery Center, which has been able to meet all the requirements which are related to the quality standards at the level of construction, performance and equipment which are set by the International Organization for Quality (ISO). Today First Plastic Surgery center is listed from the best cosmetic centers in the Middle East, and it opens its doors to all those who want to do = buttocks lift operation and other cosmetic operations, which need several factors to be successful, including:
  • Experience of the supervisor doctor.
  • The modern equipments, technologies and devices in the center.
  • The quality of the Sterilization for the operating rooms and patients’ rooms, surgical and scopy tools.
  • The Sterilization of the materials which are used in the surgery of buttocks in Turkey, such as (silicon).
  • Follow-up to the situation before and after the operation.

All of these standards, which are inseparable from international quality standards for cosmetic medical work, have been achieved at First Plastic Surgery Center.

  • IN addition, First Plastic Surgery center gives a guarantee of the final results, and follow up the situation after leaving the center to ensure that the patient is committed to the guidelines for the post-process, and to ensure that the results were what everyone hopes.
  • In addition to other cosmetic operations, which it is done by created a group of specialist doctors:

Leg and arm lift operations:

  • These operations are also part of the cosmetic operations which are done by the First Plastic Surgery Center which specializes in all types of cosmetic procedures.
  • First Plastic Surgery center includes the best experiences in the field of any type of surgery.
  • It gives full assurance of the final results which are expected from those processes and the guarantee of follow-up with the patient until finally reaching the desired form.
  • The idea of the procedure of leg and arm tightening depends on the treatment of problems of skin sagging, stretching,
  • Get rid of aging and get a younger and more sculptured body.
  • It is done by cosmetic threads which may precede the removal of some fat from those areas, and get rid of excess skin.
  • Then the tighten operation. Therefore, it is very similar to the operations of the buttocks lift and the rest of the cosmetic operations

Buttock lift at First Plastic Surgery center:

First Plastic Surgery Center is a hard-working center. It follows the development of techniques which are used in cosmetic surgery. This allows the center to take a step forward.

First Plastic Surgery center is characterized by modern work style, high and special services. Apart from the impressive results which are taken by patients who have trusted its ability to sculpt, and transform their bodies through high experienced doctors.

All the doctors work as if they are re-forming the different body parts, but this time according to everyone’s wishes,

And they restore the necessary balance in order to have the most beautiful face and the most attractive body.

The Center’s operations in the area of buttocks, especially buttocks and breast implants, are a strong indication of the enormous potential of the center, which has brought it to the advanced stage of operations that have not yet taken place in many countries of the world.