Blepharoplasty and Eyebrow Lift

Eyelid lifting is one of the cosmetic and therapeutic procedures at the same time. Cosmetic medicine has had a great deal of interest in eye care through a series of cosmetic procedures that are being carried out in modern cosmetic medical centers, such as correcting vision, treatment of shortness of vision, LASIK OPERATIONS.

The use of laser has also become a recent issue in the field of cosmetic ophthalmology to extend it today, and show eyelid lift operations

What is the process of lifting eyelid?

It is a process that targets to:

  • Clarify the area of the eyes more.
  • Highlight the element of beauty which is represented by the eye.
  • Treat some congenital or age-related problems.
  • Give you a more youthful appearance.

Therefore, these procedures are used to obtain a more fresh and vibrant appearance and to overcome all aspects of aging within the framework of a more common procedure, a facelift which involves at its stage the lifting of the eyelid

Who are candidate to do this process?

Cosmetic procedures are not available to all, which is what modern medicine wants to confirm to people who want to do these operations. Therefore, every cosmetic operation has important issues which must be considered to decide whether the person is qualified or not qualified to do the procedure. These candidates are:

Women after age 30:

  • After the age of thirty, the women begin to suffer psychologically when they stop in front of the mirror, because of the onset of some wrinkles on her face.
  • This makes many people think about the available solutions to get back in time and get rid of those wrinkles permanently, and get a more fresh skin.
  • Face-lift is an ideal choice for getting rid of wrinkles.
  • Within these lift operations, an eyelid lift is performed to restore the tight, wrinkle-free skin in the lower and upper eyelid area.
  • To get rid of temporary treatments and non-lasting solutions such as creams, ointments and skin tightening.


  • The elderly are exposed to a condition of eyelids drooping.
  • The Opening and the closure of the eye is incomplete as a result of the skin extension of the eyelid over the eye, which eventually leads to suffering.
  • The lifting of the eyelid gives definitive solution to the problem of loosed eyelids, and get rid of that problem, and restore the normal state of movement of the eyelids.

The plumpy eyes:

  • Sometimes the eyes are plumped because of swelling of the eyelids, or even as a result of fatigue, and long vigil.
  • This plump will take more space which, leads to pressure on the eyes and accumulation of a layer of fat under the eyelid.
  • In this case, the decision to do this operation must be done to avoid any kind of impairment which is caused by accumulation of fat under the eyelids

What preparations should be made before the operation?

In any surgical or topical surgical operation, the patient must be properly prepared and physically fit, which, based on the doctor’s requests, includes the most important preparations for this procedure:

  • Stop medicines which cause thinning blood such as Aspirine
  • Stop smoking completely before the operation, and try to limit smoking to the minimum in general.
  • do routine surgical analysis of surgical operations.
  • Ensure the physical health and the readiness of the body to accept local and general anesthesia.
  • Ensure the safety of the eye. The eyes must be free of any kind of diseases or infections that can prevent or delay the procedure.

Methods of lifting the eyelid:

First: through plastic surgery:

This method is the most prevalent since it depends on the expertise and the efficiency of the doctor, and, and do not need special techniques and modern equipment from the newly entered the world of beauty and this process includes several steps:

  • Anesthetize the patient.
  • Make a small incision in the tensile area, whether the upper, lower, or both eyelid.
  • Dispose of excess fat, or some parts of the expanded skin to restore the size, and the natural shape of the eyelids.
  • Lift eyelids through a cosmetic pole.
  • Close the surgical incision by making a cosmetic stitching in a way that does not show the effects of sewing.

Second: Using the laser:

  • This method is mainly used to achieve two main objectives:
  • Dispose of accumulated fat in a layer under the eyelid.
  • stimulate the skin collagen to regenerate the cells, and rid the loose layers of it

What is the kind of the used anesthesia?

  • In this process local anesthesia is performed.
  • In which a topical drug is mixed with adrenaline in order to obtain a multiplier effect that includes:

Local anesthetic effect in the eyelid area

The effect of the handle on the blood vessels in order to reduce bleeding of the eyelid and the eye in the post-surgical incision

  • Recent reliance on general anesthesia is desirable.
  • Because working in an area that is as sensitive as it is to the eye actually requires:

Be a doctor at high concentration.

And that the patient be fully relaxed

  • It is achieved by the general anesthesia, which avoids the patient strange feelings, and the discomfort associated with the feeling that the doctor is doing the process, and he feels everything going on around him

How long does it take?

  • This process requires high skill, accuracy, and concentration.
  • Despite of the small area in which a cosmetic surgery is done, it may take up to an hour or an hour and a half to lift each eyelid.
  • The length of the eyelid lift can be from three to four hours

Recovery period:

  • Stitches remain on the eyelid or on the side, for up to a week.
  • It is possible to have some swelling in the eyes, but it is very normal and will go away within one to two weeks after the operation.
  • You can return to normal life within a week after surgery.
  • All of the above is different if the process is done without a surgical method. It takes only two days to recover from the operation and return to normal life.
  • All this depends on the patient’s commitment to the doctor’s instructions accurately, until the operation is successful, and get the expected result

What are the potential complications at the post-operative stage?

Eye bruises appear:

  • The eye is a more sensitive member of the human body, and the skin layer that forms the eyelids is very small thickness.
  • During the operation, as a result of anesthetics and bleeding during the operation, the area around the eye is exposed to a condition of discoloration, and the appearance of bruises that need several days before the disappearance of their effects.

Puffiness around the eye:

  • Edemas can appear after the operation, because of using some ointments in kind lead to form Puffiness around the eye.
  • They can disappear without surgical interference, and medical packs can be put on the place to speed up disposal of these edema.

Simple bleeding on the threads’ location:

  • After the patient comes out of the operating room, the bandages need constant change between periods, and these cause the bleeding of the eyelids. The bleeding subsides somewhat after two hours of operation.
  • Doing any work leading to the removal of cosmetic stitches will make the eyelids bleed, and therefore you have to rest in the post-operative period.

Itching and Allergy:

  • We also mentioned that the eye is the most sensitive organ in the human body.
  • The result of many ointments used before, after, during the operation, bleeding, and all that was done during the operation of the use of surgical instruments, or even the introduction of cosmetic endoscopy, or the use of laser beams.
  • It will certainly lead to a state of skin-layer irritation, and the underlying layers as soon as the local anesthetic or total anesthesia has finished, resulting in itching.
  • The presence of the bandage prevents us from touching the eyelid, and therefore we must be aware of this, and we mustn’t touch the surgical threads because this may lead to the decomposition of these threads and bleeding.

Heavy tear secretions:

  • The sensitivity which appears in the post-end process, leads to a clear increase of the eyes secretions especially secretion of fat.

Red eyes:

  • All the work done on the eyelid area, and injection of anesthesia, lead to the contraction of the blood vessels during the operation, and after finishing the process, these vessels will relax this is which leads to red eye

Centers of Eyelid lift in Turkey:

The name of First Plastic Surgery Center which specializes in various types of cosmetic operations is a perfect choice

First Plastic Surgery Center has the best capabilities in Turkey and the Middle East to provide all cases which require eye surgery.

The Center’s operations include:

  • Beautification of the upper eyelid.
  • Beautification of the lower eyelid.
  • Eyelid lift.
  • Tighten up the eyelid lift.
  • The process of removing water bags which appear in the eyelid area.
  • Blepharoplasty

The advantages of First Plastic Surgery Center for lifting the eyelid:

  • The experience of cosmetic doctors:

No matter how the development of the devices and the possibilities of the cosmetic medical center are, the doctor is still the most important factor of the success or failure of the process. Therefore, it is not possible to underestimate the issue of choosing the most efficient doctors in the field of cosmetic surgery in Turkey.

During the pre-opening period, First Plastic Surgery Center has been able to contract with the most important and prominent names in the field of eyelid lift operation.

After looking at the doctors’ files of the operations they have done and following up the results and those doctors and finally identifying the best list in the field of cosmetic surgery, and contracting with them to be the main pillar on which the Center relied on during its success.

  • Pre-operation service:

Through its work, First Plastic Surgery Center is depends on providing a service that follows the patient’s condition or the person who is going to the center where it greets the patient from the moment of arrival and does comprehensive analyzes which aim to determine the state of health then to know the feasibility of the process and set the most appropriate time to do.

  • Guarantee of results:

No center can guarantee the results of the process unless it is aware that it has the developed equipment and the human resources which can let it to do such operations in a professional way. This is done within the First Plastic Surgery Center, which ensures the complete success of the eyelid lift process for all chosen people who want to perform this process.

It is worth mentioning that the cost of Eyelid surgery at First Plastic Surgery Center which is the best center for cosmetic surgery, is considered to be suitable for all. The center provides a comprehensive and sophisticated service that simulates the most important international beauty centers that perform eyelid lifting