Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Turkey, Istanbul

Breast lift and breast Augmentation-Breast Transplant in Turkey:

The breast shape is one of the most common problems that many women suffer from, especially after childbirth and breastfeeding, as well as their small size, which affects the confidence of the woman herself and increases her sense of shame, especially if she is married. The shape of the breast and its size increases the femininity and beauty. All the women want to get a tightened, not flabby breast and plump breast.

Breast lift which is known by Breast Augmentation is a magical treatment to get more taut and rounded breast. Turkey has become one of the top ten countries in cosmetic surgery in the world.

Causes of flabby breast:

  • The breast consists of glands and fat which affect the shape and size. With the repetition of loss and weight gain, pregnancy and breastfeeding or hormonal and genetic reasons may cause atrophy or sagging in the external shape of the breasts.
  • As age goes on, the breasts become increasingly flabby, and many women resort to breast tightening
  • It is known that breastfeeding affects the size of the breast. Increasing and decreasing the size of the breast, causing the skin to extend and the breast becomes flabby.
  • The most common cause that many women have to lift their breast is weight loss. Weight loss leads to skin sagging remarkably

Breast lift in Turkey can be a separate operation or with other cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation or even breast implants. In breast lift operations in Turkey, the breast is transferred to the upper extremity where it belongs and is stabilized and strengthened to improve its appearance and shape

Candidate for breast lift in Turkey

  • Women who suffer from flabby breast after pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Flabbiness of the body after weight loss.
  • Asymmetry in the size of the breasts.
  • Breast lift is a treatment for breast cancer.
  • The small size of the breast

Degrees of breast sagging:

Not all women have the problem of flabby breast and maybe she has a psychological obsession to do a breast lift. So every woman should know the degree of the flabbiness in her breasts to be sure if she has a problem or not:

  • Breast sagging at a slight degree: the nipple level is slightly lower than the level of the line below the breast.
  • Breast sagging at moderate degree: the nipple is located further down from the line down the breast and facing it forward or down.
  • Breast sagging at significant degree: the degree of nipple goes down significantly and it is hanging down.
  • In some cases, false sagging, in which the size of the breast or the length of the glands may make its shape appear flabby, but it’s not in its natural form and not all women are similar

There are two common ways in which women can know if they need a chest lift or not:

  • Pen Trick: After removing the bra, the lady put the pen down the breast, if the pen fell, she suffers from flabby breast and if it doesn’t fall, she is normal and does not suffer from flabby breast.
  • The trick of the ruler: The lady put the ruler under the breast and measure the position of the nipple in the mirror and the same way to measure light, medium and large sagging will know if it suffered from flabby breast or not.

A woman must be eligible for a breast lift:

  • The breast’s growth has been completed.
  • Be healthy and do not suffer from diseases that prevent the operation.
  • Preferably the lady is not a smoker.
  • Maintains weight and avoids repetition of shortages and continuous increase.
  • Who has realistic expectations for the results of the operation

Ways to enlarge and lift the breast in Turkey:

The most common way to enlarge and tighten the breast is through fillings which are two types:

  • Breast augmentation of silicone breast implants, a substance authorized by the World Health Organization through the incision of the chest and put the fillings using laser or surgery, and sometimes the process of under the muscle or in front of the muscle, depending on the patient’s condition and the doctor’s decision.
  • Enlargement of the chest with salt saline, which is emptied during implantation in the breast and then the doctor fill it with water saline. This is a safe way in case of leakage of fluid inside the breast, the body will absorb it safely and naturally.

But most doctors prefer to use the silicone fillings because they look more natural than water in terms of sensation and appearance, and cannot be observed

How are Breast lift and Breast Augmentation done in Turkey?

  • The doctor will anesthetize the patient, whether local or general, according to the choice of the patient and according to what the doctor sees suitable.
  • A groove is made in the breast at the nipple and a pocket is made between the internal breast tissues to insert the fillings.
  • Select the part to be lifted and place the fillings on it.
  • After comparing the size of the breasts and making sure they are equal and the location of the padding is appropriate
  • A barrier is placed between the body and breast and gives it a circular shape.
  • Excessive skin is removed around the nipple area, sometimes from under the breast, making the tissue look stiff and the nipple is moved to a higher position to give it a younger, more cohesive appearance.
  • Types of cracks in the operation: along the crescent side of the breast, in the armpit region, in the folds under the breasts.
  • The tissue is sometimes placed in the breasts and chest muscles to enlarge and tighten the breast, or is placed under the thoracic muscle after the release of lower muscle ligaments, or placed under the musculoskeletal without releasing the lower muscle.
  • The wound is closed by medical glue.
  • After cutting the wound, there will remain a simple line down the breast but it disappears over time.
  • Gauze and an adhesive plaster are placed to protect the wound.
  • The operation lasts from one to two hours depending on the type and the condition of the patient.
  • The patient does not need to stay in the hospital for more than two hours until the effect of the anesthetic has disappeared, but some cases may need 48 hours to ensure the stability of her condition and in all cases there must be an accompanied with the patient during the operation.
  • After removing the gauze, the patient can take a shower but continue to apply the adhesive plaster.

After breast augmentation and breast lift operation in Turkey

  • The patient may feel some pain and swelling and bruises after the operation, but fade within days of them and during this period the doctor prescribe painkillers.
  • The process may leave some traces of scarring, but it will disappear after a while and have no effect.
  • The wound may bleed after the operation, but with the use of antibiotics which are prescribed by the doctor, the bleeding will disappear quickly.
  • The patient uses the medical bra for a period after the operation.
  • She must follow the doctor’s instructions after the breast lift, including not driving cars for at least a week.
  • Avoid exercise for four weeks.
  • Wear a sports bra for one month after the operation.
  • Do not carry heavy objects and avoid sleeping on the abdomen.
  • The results of the operation will appear within six months after the operation

The preparations for the breast augmentation and breast lift operations in Turkey:

  • Stop taking blood-thinners such as aspirin and vitamin E.
  • Smoking should be stopped at least one month prior to the operation.
  • Perform medical tests required by the doctor, including blood tests, heart examination and measurement of sugar.
  • Do not use creams, deodorants or hair care products

Breast implants in Turkey

Breast implants have spread because of one of the most common types of cancer in recent years, breast cancer.

Breast cancer continues to have a negative psychological effect on women even after the end of the treatment period, which involves the loss of all or part of the breast, causing the woman to lose confidence at herself and in her femininity.

And the emergence of this type of operations in a significant way recently, which provided a solution for the women to restore confidence in themselves and the opportunity to start a new life.

This process has emerged all over the world, especially in Turkey, which has become one of the most important countries in the world of cosmetic surgery during the last ten years, what is breast implants in Turkey? How is it done? And what are the consequences? This is what we will know about this subject

Candidate for Breast implants:

  • Cases of breast cancer patients.
  • Correction of congenital defects in thorax.
  • Improve overall breast appearance

Types of breast implants in Turkey:

  • Silicon grafts which are liquid, gel or cohesive in plastic form.
  • Saline grafts which are composed of silicon from the outside and from inside it is composed from sterile saline solution.
  • Breast implants using tissue from the body. This method is called partial reconstruction of the breast which is done by using the remaining tissue in the area around the breast or tissue in other areas such as the back, abdomen or buttocks. It can also reshape the breast itself. This is one of the best ways to give a breast which is very similar to the natural one in texture and feeling.
  • Sometimes breast implants can be subcutaneous or under the breast muscles. This method can be used in the large size of the breast.
  • Existing tissue can be expanded by temporary implantation and using of brine solution to expand the tissue and inserting the fillers.

When should breast implants be performed in Turkey?

Breast implants can be started immediately after the operation in this case it is called immediate breast implantation. Or it is delayed so in this case it is called delayed breast implantation.

Implantation or immediate breast reconstruction:

In which the Implantation takes place at the same time as the surgery or shortly afterwards,

In which the patient is given the new breast immediately and this method has many advantages:

  • Improve the mental state of the patient quickly where you do not feel a big difference after the eradication of the infected breast, the new does not completely give the same feeling and texture, but at least helps to adapt quickly to the loss of natural breast.
  • This immediate process means less anesthesia and fewer operations. The patient does not need to enter the operating room again because it will be two operations in one.
  • Reduce the scars which are left by the process on the reconstructed breast which are usually in the form of a spot on the skin with a scar around the nipple

But there are some disadvantages of this process, including:

  • Diseases such as breast cancer and the consequent eradication of an important area in the body cause great psychological trauma to the patient, and it takes a long time to prepare the patient psychologically before the decision of treatment, not to mention re-transplant again, all decisions require a long time and psychological rehabilitation which is not available in the case of immediate implantation.
  • Mastectomy is not the only treatment for breast cancer, sometimes the patient needs chemotherapy or radiation therapy .This is what happens to most cases, and leads to the destruction of implanted breast
  • Therefore, doctors make temporary injections during radiotherapy and after treatment, the transplant is done.

Breast implants like all surgeries may have postoperative complications. Treatment of these complications can delay the chemotherapy that a woman may need as part of a primary treatment.

  • One of the most important stages of treatment of breast cancer after eradication is chemotherapy, and doctors are advised to start treatment after six weeks of the operation, where it becomes more effective

And because the side effect of chemotherapy is its effect on the body’s ability to heal

A patient who undergoes breast implants immediately after the operation will not allow the wound to heal, exposing her to the risk of infection,

Therefore, the doctor delays the stage of chemotherapy, which also puts her at risk of incomplete treatment of tumors which is the most important.

Late breast implants:

It is common where the breast implant is done after the completion of the stages of cancer treatment and complete healing, God willing. After that we think of the restoration of breast.

This method has negative and positive aspects. Its advantages:

  • There is more opportunity for the patient to think about all the options, the period of treatment is over and she starts to live a normal life, some women do not do the operation at all and they begin to live and adapt to the situation and some prefer to do, in the end it is a personal decision and it must be made by the woman for itself only.
  • The ability of the body after the recovery period to undergo another surgery and anesthesia again.
  • Ensure rapid healing of the wound after the operation and even if complications are appeared, they can be treated naturally

The disadvantages of late breast implants:

  • Breast implants as a result of cancer is caused primarily by the bad mental state that affects women after the removal of part of their bodies, so late breast implant does not contribute to improving the psychological condition which we should not be underestimated.
  • Late breast implant may lead to a larger scar in the implanted breast

Anyway, the decision to do the operation whether it is immediate or late breast implant, depends on:

  • The condition of the patient in general.
  • The development of the stages of treatment.
  • The age of the patient.
  • The shape of her body.
  • The size of her breasts.
  • Her expectations for the operation and reconstruction in general

Of course, taking the advice of the doctor, who must inform the lady on all details of the process and its complications and types and the pros and cons of each type so that she can make the right decision.

In some cases, it is not possible to choose immediate breast implant at all, because some of the glands at the lady may also be infected with breast such as the armpit glands,

Thus, after mastectomy, radiation therapy is needed to complete the disease,

Most doctors therefore prefer to do late breast operations.

Some general notes that must be known by the lady before doing the operation so as not to be frustrated after the operation:

  • The implanted or restored breast will not have the same sense as the natural breast that has been replaced.
  • The symmetry between the breasts will not be at its best, and in this case, the woman can do a cosmetic surgery to the healthy breast to look similar to the natural one.
  • She can do lift breast or breast augmentation or tighten sagging anything she needs.
  • The fracture or scar lines of the process will be permanently present, whether the scars that occurred as a result of the mastectomy or which are caused by cosmetic surgery.
  • However, scars in the case of breast implants which is done from the body’s natural tissues in donor areas will be less visible such as those which are taken from the abdomen, back, buttocks

Talking about cosmetic surgeries does not end, every day there is something new and every day there is something that can be improved on the methods of doing these operations and improving the final results.

Which is clearly recognized by GUIDE Medical Center. Through its R & D team, it provides the Center with everything new in the field of surgical and cosmetic surgery to improve the accuracy of the results of operations.

Because GUIDE Medical is not only a place for operations, it is a cosmetic medical center which is equipped with all the necessary requirements to provide an upscale service  to make it worthy of the advanced classification as the best beauty centers in Turkey and the Middle East.

The center has the medical laboratories  are necessary for the operation to do analysis, a comprehensive pharmacy and nurses on a high level, their duties are to follow up the patient after the exit from the operation and even ensure the stability of the patient’s health.

We know well that women are interested in the manifestations of femininity and beauty and therefore they strive to maintain the consistency of body and weight and the freshness of the skin. The breast is the most important areas that show beauty and femininity.