Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey

Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey, Istanbul - First Clinic

Dental surgery in Turkey is one of the most demanding procedures in recent years, as everyone understands that smile is the secret of beauty.

Since the beauty of the smile lies mainly in the magnificence of the shape that it will paint for the face ,therefore the whiteness of the teeth and cleanliness are the most important factors of the beauty of the face in general, and the beauty of the smile in particular.

From this point of view, the great rush which is taking place today to do operations in cosmetic and whitening teeth is a reflection of the increase of awareness, attention, the understanding of what the beauty of healthy and white teeth means, and the psychological, social and behavioral effects that are closely affected by the splendor of the elegance of teeth.

The Importance of Dental cosmetic in Turkey:

  1. Be in the health content which is expressed by the concept of dental cosmetics.
  2. Many today believe that the beauty of teeth means getting only white teeth regardless of how they will get these teeth.
  3. But in fact, the modern science contradicts that view which is minimizing the concept of cosmetic and whitening teeth and doesn’t reflect the intended content of dental procedures.
  4. The main target of these operations is a comprehensive reclamation of the infrastructure that represents the bases from which teeth emerge.
  5. We are talking here about the mouth area, oral cavity, gums, and finally teeth that need special treatment method as they translate in their outward appearance all the contents of the human mouth, and reflect the volume of cleanliness, and care of mouth and teeth and gums for years.

Types of dental procedures in Turkey:

First: teeth whitening processes:

  • The most important types of plastic surgery can be performed in Turkey, or anywhere else in the world.
  • As movie stars, who set out their journey from the city of art and cinema Hollywood, has rumored among the world a special kind of tooth whitening operations.
  • These processes made these stars famous for their special charming appearance and a wonderful smile which is called Hollywood Smile that means a smile with white teeth.
  • Today Hollywood smile has become famous in world of cosmetic dentistry. It takes 60 minutes to have white and bright teeth. Laser beams are used in this process.
  • But the use of laser radiation has a great danger. Dealing with these dangers is very difficult if they are occurred. This brings us back to the fact that the selection of the center helps to avoid risks, as well as the accuracy of the results.
  • These operations are carried out in centers such as the First Plastic Surgery Center by using the local anesthesia. So there is no need to stay in the center, and you can be return directly to the house.
  • Postoperative complications do not exist, which means that you are eligible to return to your daily activities with certain precautions. The doctor of the First Plastic Surgery Center who supervises you, tells you about the quality of food that you should eat in the first post-operative period.

Second: orthodontics:

  • These operations aim to get naturally aligned teeth which reflect an exceptional look and smile.
  • These operations can handle with one of the most psychological problems that face you when you stand in front of the mirror. These problems are such as having some teeth which are outside the normal range which creates problems in appearance, and also satisfactory problems to the gum.
  • The First Plastic Surgery Center can help you through both treatment and cosmetic procedures by adding a cosmetic teeth brace to the teeth.
  • The teeth brace is placed in an invisible way by putting it on the inner layer of the teeth, or by using special types of brace which are used specifically for cosmetic purposes such as using a transparent plastic brace that is invisible.
  • There is no need to worry about social issues when you communicate with people at work, family life, or private relationships.
  • You can complete your life naturally and with absolute confidence, and most importantly, that the results of these operations at the First Plastic Surgery Center are guaranteed.


Third: Treatment of gum problems:

  • Advanced gum which clearly appears at smiling, is one of the most complex problems that face people who are looking for a beautiful smile and a stylish Hollywood smile.
  • So if we need to get white teeth and a bright smile, we should first solve the problems of the gum.
  • The gum is like the fertile ground on which the teeth are fixed, and therefore the doctor begins the process of treating the gums, then he starts taking care of the problems of the teeth.

Candidates for the dental process:

  • People who have crowded teeth. Those people have one or more tooth which is irregular than the rest of the teeth. We can solve this problem by using teeth braces to get a bright smile with regular teeth.
  • Smokers. Tobacco makes the teeth yellow, and can damage the teeth.
  • Advanced gum: People whose gum is coming forward. Many people have gums that appear when they smile, so they feel very embarrassed and prefer not to smile at all.
  • Postpartum women: during pregnancy, hormones that may affect the health of the teeth are released so the color of the teeth is changed. So we need to treat the yellowness of teeth to have a bright smile.
  • Those who take medicines: some medicines contain chemicals that have side effects that may harm the health of some organs of the body, and thus affect the health and yellowness of teeth.

Dental cosmetic centers in Turkey:

In Turkey, dental beauty is widespread, but there are real differences between the centers such as quality of work and therefore the choice must be based on precise criteria that include:

  • Experience of the Center:

We mean that the center must have a good reputation and we can know that by interviewing some of the cases that had operations in this center, and we must ensure that the center has the ability to give distinct results.

  • Doctor’s experience:

The doctor is the most important element who is able to make a real difference in the result, and therefore we should choose the doctors who have a wide archive of successes in various types of cosmetic operations of the teeth.

  • Medical equipment at the cosmetic center:

In recent years there has been a global revolution in the field of tooth whitening, especially when the discovery of laser devices which changed the concept of whitening teeth from temporary and limited whitening to permanent whitening.

Dental cosmetic in Turkey in First Plastic Surgery Center:

  • First Plastic Surgery center is one of the most famous beauty centers in Turkey and the Middle East, which has adopted a mission and clear goals since its beginning.


  • He sought to build a cosmetic center with extraordinary capabilities, and therefore he employed everything necessary to reach this goal.
  • First Plastic Surgery Center has a global standard of medical equipment and surgical procedures.
  • It has everything that is necessary such as clinics for consultation, or places for the visitors to stay, and everything that makes you feel comfort.
  • The center has the most important and best cosmetic doctors in Turkey, so the equation of the perfect doctor and the best equipment has been achieved.
  • This gives us the formula for the certain success of any kind of dental process in Turkey.
  • In a short period of time, First Plastic Surgery center was able to have an impressive archive of treatments and cosmetic cases which were performed by specialized doctors.
  • Doctors at the First Plastic Surgery Center were able to obtain amazing final results that gave many people the confidence and the chance to return to their social life without any psychological problems that could result from dental problems.

You also have the right today to have the wonderful Hollywood smile and to be in the best appearance by visiting the First Plastic Surgery Center, which specializes in dental process in Turkey

The Center will supervise and follow-up you from the moment of arrival, and provide you with the stages of the treatment plan. And it does a comprehensive estimation to all the problems which require cosmetic surgeries.

Finally we put the finishing touches to finish the plan which is to have tooth whitening, and a bright smile again.

Fear of standing in front of the mirror, moving away from the jobs that require meeting people, the fear of going into private social relations, the feeling of not confident and other problems of appearance that we all may suffer from, we must overcome them and start again, but this time with the help of the First Plastic Surgery Center which has changed the lives of many people around the world who put their trust in it. The result was that they moved from the feeling of not, confident to the feeling of confident and finally we return the brilliance and shine of their smile, which was absent because of dental problems.