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Face-lift is an ideal option to resist aging and its irritating effects on skin. Although there are many ways to care for and regenerate skin, including cosmetics and natural recipes, these methods often do not come with the desired result.

The beauty and freshness of the skin has a positive effect on the psychological state of the human being and it is a sign of good health, so we are all keen to take care of it

There are many factors that affect the health and freshness of the skin such as:

  • Daily exposure to sunlight and pollution as well as psychological stress and stress.
  • Genetic factors sometimes have an effect. For example, the amount of pigment in the white skin is more prone to wrinkles and shows the effects of aging faster than the black skin

These factors lead to signs of premature aging of the skin such as:

  • Thin lines around the eye.
  • Cracks on the skin.
  • Sometimes dark spots around the mouth and laxity of the neck due to accumulated fat

Why face-lift in Turkey?

  • Because Turkey has recently become a competition for major countries in cosmetic operations such as England and Brazil with its skilled doctors as well as the latest equipment and techniques in cosmetics.
  • Prices of cosmetic surgery in Turkey are acceptable compared to these countries
  • The Turkish government supports beauty centers because it has become one of the most important reasons for the popularity of medical tourism in Turkey.
  • Turkey’s proximity to the Arab world is one of the reasons for its great fame in this field

Facelift surgery in Turkey:

The operation is mainly based on liposuction of the fat which is accumulated in the face and tightening the muscles. The process is divided into three types:

  • First remove the excess skin from the face.
  • Removal of loose skin in the neck, sometimes the process can not remove all the loose skin so some patients need this type II.
  • Third eyebrow lift.

Of course, the neck lift and the eyebrows lift are done is according to the patient’s condition, which is determined by the doctor.

Face-lift methods in Turkey:

The process in Turkey is done in these ways:

  • Face lift through the thread.
  • Laser face lift.
  • Face lift through Botox injections.

These methods are for simple cases where their efficiency is not good in other cases and often in other cases we do face lift through surgery.

  • Face lift through surgery

The operation is done for men and women to remove:

  1. Flabby cheeks and mid-face.
  2. The stretched lines which are from the edges of the nose to the corner of the mouth.
  3. The grooves under the eyes.
  4. The flabbiness in the neck area and lower jaw edge

What does face-lift surgery treat?

The process treats many symptoms:

  • Deep wrinkles under the eyes and along the nose and up to the mouth.
  • Loosen jaw skin itself.
  • Fat accumulation in the neck area.
  • There is a drop in the face area.
  • Double chin problem.
  • Scars or wounds and burns

Candidates for the process:

Persons who are candidates for face-lift in Turkey are any adult who has started showing the effects of wrinkles or is dissatisfied with its appearance and he must have the following conditions:

  • Be healthy and free from any chronic diseases.
  • Do not take any drugs that cause side effects during or after the operation, especially heart disease or blood pressure.
  • Do not be allergic to certain chemical compounds, especially if the patient will inject Botox or Filler into other areas of the face such as lips

How is face-lift done in Turkey?

The surgeon chooses the type of wound according to the size of the sag and the places to be treated,

Usually the wound is in the front of the ear to treat the upper, middle and lower part of the face,

While tightening the neck area the surgery is behind the ear

At the preparation phase of the process, the patient should discuss clearly with the doctor about the details of the process such as:

  • Will he need general anesthesia or local anesthesia?
  • How much he will need to stay in the hospital, and what time is expected to heal and return to normal life.
  • Required medical tests and tests before the operation and its importance.
  • The instructions to be followed before the procedure, such as quitting smoking and drinking alcohol for at least two weeks and side effects if any.
  • The amount of expectations envisaged after the operation so as not to be disappointed after.
  • Methods of skin care after the operation, and can return to normal life, such as putting cosmetics and exposure to the sun

All the above are legitimate questions of the right of the patient to be reassured before entering the operating room, no matter what the process will be one of the most difficult moments in human life.

Because in plastic surgery we talk about one of the most complex types of operations and the most accurate and wrong is prohibited,

It can be said that any error in working during surgery means that the person will have to live with this error until the end of his life.

By answering these questions, the patient reaches a state of psychological calm and a sense of reassurance that helps to achieve desired results for all fields,

However, it all depends on the choice of a skilled doctor who has considerable experience in this type of operation

The role of a skilled doctor in the process:

Within the cosmetic center we choose, the main element that makes the difference between the center and another is the cosmetic surgeon who will do the plastic surgery. Therefore, the selection of the center must be based on selecting the most efficient doctor and the most capable of accomplishing the process with the desired results.

A face-lift doctor in Turkey will do the following:

  • He makes a small incision on the scalp from each side of the top to lift the eyebrows on the tip of the eyes.
  • He makes a small incision down the neck in the case of tying the neck muscle.
  • This is in addition to tightening the forehead and lifting the eyelids or liposuction from the neck.
  • As well as nose surgery and mouth enlargement, of course, depending on the patient’s condition.

The doctor then pulls and lifts the flaccid muscles and connective tissue of the muscle under the skin in two ways:

  1. By sewing or disassembling the flaccid part after tension.
  2. The second method is to cut off the flaccid skin and then to sew. Other times, the surgeon cuts off some prominent bones in the jaw if necessary

The next stage in the process:

Sewing the incision without tightening until it heals without leaving scars .At this stage, antibiotics are used and a medical bandage is placed on the incision.

The operation takes from 2 to 5 hours depending on the size of the problem and how it is treated and the surgeries which are associated with it.

The final stage:

The final stage is to hide the surgical incision and the scars which are behind the hair line and under the natural folds of the skin and you will find the remaining effect of the process is covered with hair behind and in front of the ear.

The result of the operation appears after three months to six months and lasts from five to ten years

Side effects of the operation:

  • After the operation, swelling of the face may occur as side effects of the operation but it will disappear within seven to ten days after the operation. The patient must use t cold water packs and ointments which are prescribed by the doctor.
  • Sometimes the patient feels itching, so he must take care of the skin and maintain and clean it well as instructed by the doctor.
  • Facial bruises rarely occur after surgery.

But with continued follow-up with the doctor all these symptoms disappear and the patient can return to his normal life in ten to fourteen days.

Taking care of the skin is one of the most important s factors of the successful process.

There are a number of tips to take care of the skin:

  • Drink water in sufficient quantities.
  • Eat healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables which contain vitamins.
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight directly and you must use sun blocks.
  • Avoid eating fast meals and exercising regularly

Face-lift centers in Turkey:

The beautiful and bright face represents a necessity and not just a personal attention to the beauty of the appearance.

In today’s world, the beauty of the face is the main key, and it is the most important criterion that it cares about in jobs that require direct communication with others.

Or in jobs that require direct appearance on television such as:

  • Journalism and television work in preparation, presentation and editing.
  • Work in education and counseling centers.

And many of the occupations in which the good appearance is a prominent standard, which is the main reason behind the spread of face-lift centers in Turkey recently.

In order to put trust in these centers and make sure that the final results that we will collect will be to meet the ambitions and without errors,

We must choose the specialized center in such operations, provided that the efficiency and excellence of the archive through its successful operations

All these following features are available at First Plastic Surgery Center in Turkey:

  • The most advanced electronic devices in the field of cosmetics in Turkey and the Middle East.
  • The most efficient and most capable cosmetic surgeons to achieve the desired results.
  • Excellent hotel accommodation for patients both before and after the operation.
  • Comprehensive examination and follow-up after the operation to ensure its complete success.
  • Combining efficiency and premium prices.

With these and other features, First Plastic Surgery Center is the best center in the field of face lift and other areas of cosmetic surgery