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Hair transplantation in Turkey is one of the most successful cosmetic operations because of Turkey’s tremendous scientific progress and medical prosperity and the level of offered services by various medical care centers . Whether the services are cosmetic, surgical or clinical. A lot of centers have spread widely in Turkey. Each of them offers its services in an advanced manner that belongs to developed Western thought. Today, Turkey is the first resort in the Middle East for all those who are seeking for a successful cosmetic surgery.

Hair transplant Turkey – all about:

The centers of these operations in Turkey are widely spread throughout the region, especially in Istanbul where is the largest gathering of the most important local and international beauty centers.

Once we decide to do hair transplantation in Turkey, it seems that finding the most suitable center is an urgent need that is difficult to know without going into the specifics of each center and without looking to the service which is provided by each of the available beauty centers.

When is the best time to get a hair transplant?

At looking at mirror, you notice that you lose your hair at the front. Hair loss can begin to happen at any age and can happen because of a variety of different causes. At a young age you can begin to lose your hair at the front, your hairline can begin to mature and your hairline will become slightly higher. There are many reasons why a person may experience a loss of hair, such as a thinning scalp, stress, disease and reactions to some medication. Many patients suffer from a poor scalp quality, and in many women the hair begins to fall out through stress of extensions and over dying. However loss of hair from the scalp from both men and women can be caused by genetics, hormones or as an adverse side-effect of some medication Hair loss on the scalp is a stressful condition that affects both male and female patients. There are many treatments that can alleviate the symptoms of hair loss so it can be a good idea to contact a variety of clinics to ensure you choose the best treatment for you. After your cheap Turkey hair transplant procedure takes place in First Plastic Surgery Clinic, no matter what technique is used, our handpicked surgeons will provide you with a guarantee certificate so you can be sure that your results will last.

We can say that the problems of hair loss can be overcome and we bid farewell to non-return in the presence of centers that do these cosmetic operations such as the First Plastic Surgery Center, which is a realistic example of what advanced professional centers can offer to anyone who wants to restore their hair.

First Plastic Surgery center and how to perform hair transplantation in Turkey:

First Plastic Surgery Center is one of the most important centers in Turkey within the field of cosmetic surgery.

The center offers exceptional professional service that excels at all hair transplant centers in Turkey and Middle East, through special features which it is characterized by including:

  • Developed equipment:

First Plastic Surgery Center enhances its capabilities in the field of permanent hair transplantation in Turkey. IT follows every new and every advanced scientific research and every tool to do fast and accurate work.

  • The experience of cosmetic doctors:

No matter how the development of the devices and the possibilities of the cosmetic medical center are, the doctor is still the most important factor of the success or failure of the process. Therefore, it is not possible to underestimate the issue of choosing the most efficient doctors in the field of cosmetic surgery in Turkey.

During the pre-opening period, First Plastic Surgery Center has been able to contract with the most important and prominent names in the field of hair transplantation.

After looking at the doctors’ files of the operations they have done and following up the results and those doctors and finally identifying the best list in the field of cosmetic surgery, and contracting with them to be the main pillar on which the Center relied on during its success.

  • Pre-operation service:

Through its work, First Plastic Surgery Center is depends on providing a service that follows the patient’s condition or the person who is going to the center where it greets the patient from the moment of arrival and does comprehensive analyzes which aim to determine the state of health then to know the feasibility of the process and set the most appropriate time to do.

  • Guarantee of results:

No center can guarantee the results of the process unless it is aware that it has the developed equipment and the human resources which can let it to do such operations in a professional way. This is done within the First Plastic Surgery Center, which ensures the complete success of the transplantation process for all chosen people who want to perform this process.

Providing that, the patient must commit with the pre-operation instructions, as well as post-operation and the free follow-up service which makes the person to review the cosmetic center from time to time, which will play a role in improving the success rate of the transplant significantly.

How to perform a hair transplant in Turkey:

First Plastic Surgery Center depends on the latest methods which have secured of:


Hair transplantation by removal:

Hair transplantation is the newest method which is used in developed countries which have medical development centers. This method depends on series of successive stages which are as follows:

Request for analysis of the person:

We can know the causes of the loss of the hair, and see if they are hereditary or hormonal or because of a disease. Then we decide the operation, and deal with the causes to get ensured results.


This procedure is performed through local anesthesia via injection of a local anesthetic in the subcutaneous area or through general anesthesia if the person wants. However, local anesthesia is the least harmful to the respiratory and digestive system. It also enables the person to return to his home after finishing the operation directly without the need to stay in hospitals, which saves the cost and time.


The technique of transplantation is called FUE because of this stage, which is considered the most important and accurate, which requires a doctor who has a high level of experience, in order to do this stage.

The word excerpt comes from the term picking, which is done by the doctor, who extracts the roots of the area where is still rich in hair bulbs, after marking the area in a thoughtful manner and by using very accurate tools and appropriate equipment. The doctor takes the excreted bulbs from the rich area and then places them in a pre-prepared preservative liquid in order to keep these bulbs alive and full of vital activity, until the preparation for the next stage.


The fourth stage is the transplantation stage where the doctor will again determine the location of the transplantation of the extracted bulbs in a thoughtful manner. Then he makes very small pores or cracks, and he implants those bulbs within the scalp by using high-precision tools, and he makes sure that they are centered in the right place and he makes sure to direct those roots in a way that makes the growth of hair properly.

Finally this technique of hair transplantation in Turkey ends at the end of this stage.

However, the service of the First Plastic Surgery Center, which does this type of operation, does not end at this stage only.

Aftercare support(Post-transplant procedure):

The service of the First Plastic Surgery Center extends beyond the operation through its follow-up to the person’s situation, as well as through the provision of instructions which are related to the stage that comes after the stage of hair transplantation, and the most important instructions related to the post-process:

Do not use comb:

Do not comb your hair by using comb and more accurately, it can be said that we must avoid any violent behavior that stimulates the scalp or needs a contact and direct contact with the scalp, because this threatens the probability of success of the process of the hair transplantation.


Sleeping in the post-process is one of the most important things which we should pay attention. The head should be directed to the end where no bulbs are planted. The transplanted area must be away from the pillow. In order to protect the head from tough friction that may cause the fall and loss of a number of these bulbs.

The comfort:

One of the most important features of the hair transplant operation in Turkey is that it does not require a long recovery period.

It is possible to return to normal life and to your job after two days of operation, but you must avoid any kind of stressful and violent work. You can work in administrative work and business in which there is no strong movement.


After the operation is complete, keep away the scalp from touching water for at least 48 hours. During this period the skin will be healed in a way that ensures the protection of the transplanted bulbs. The shower can then be taken without violent movement of the head massage. Bathing powder should be kept away from the scalp in first week of the operation.

Cosmetic Center Review:

The follicle growth process needs to be continuously monitored to see what results will eventually appear. The sterilization of the transplanted area and ensuring that the person complies with all the instructions which are related to Post-transplant procedure are one of the main reasons for the success of the process.

It can be said that what the Center offers is a professional service which is characterized by thoroughness and accuracy as the center is a sponsor of all the needs which are required by the person who is coming to Turkey to do cosmetic operations.

To all those who wish to restore the luster of beauty and the beauty of having an elegant hair that animates their youth and makes them overcome the psychological problems that they have entered after the stage of hair loss, it is now easier and more simple in the presence of hair transplant centers in Turkey, such as First Plastic Surgery Center which it provides a comprehensive service and provides the most important global equipment and the best doctors in the world in the field of cosmetics and it is able to perform hair transplantation in Turkey as you wish and the results will be beyond your imagination.