Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation Cosmetic Surgery Turkey

They are one of the most famous cosmetic operations. A large number of women now aspire to change the shape of their lips for the better because of their impact on the face and beauty of the face.

There is no ideal form of lips. The ideal shape is consistent with the features of the face and varies from face to face depending on the age, gender and genetic factors of the same person. But there are cases that require a process of lip cosmetic operation.

The lip cosmetic operation includes some cases, such as cases of swollen lips so as not to be consistent with the face, or the small size of the lips which makes them thin. So these cases need a cosmetic operation.

The aging, the appearance of wrinkles and cracks, and the color of dark lips are all factors that may need a lip cosmetic operation.

Turkey is one of the best countries in the world of plastic surgery, and has become a competition for leading countries in this field, especially for patients from the Middle East and the Arab world.

Turkey is characterized by beauty clinics everywhere with the best surgeons, and uses the latest technology, and the prices are low compared to the countries which are famous in these fields. The lip cosmetic operation is one of the most important cosmetic surgeries in Turkey.

Specifications Ideal lips:

  • The lips should be supported by regular teeth.
  • No wrinkles or cracks around the upper or lower lips.
  • The clarity of the line which exists and separates between the skin and soft pink or red tissue.
  • Straightness and regularity of the corners of the mouth.
  • They are suitable for the size of your face, cheeks and nose, and with the rest of the surrounding face features.
  • Do not show the gums from the bottom of the lips when smiling

Types of lip cosmetic surgery in Turkey:

  • Lip reduction:

The reduction of lips is done due to inflation for many reasons, including genetic causes, or problems of congenital formation, or exposure to an accident which leads to inflation in the size of the lips and sometimes vascular problems. The choice of the type of the operation is made according to the pervious reasons.

Lip reduction in Turkey is not only for cosmetic purposes, but sometimes for health reasons. The oversized lip shape can affect the function of the mouth in general, as well as not being able to close it completely which causes problems such as runny saliva.

It is not permissible to do the operation for those who suffer from swelling of the lips due to chronic diseases, or the emergence of the skeleton of the skull, which gives a shape of large lip, so the process will have no effect.

Lip reduction is divided into types of upper and lower lip together, upper lip only, lower lip only, or presence in part of the lip due to congenital defect or accident.

Lip reduction is done by the surgeon by removing part of the mucous tissue and muscle by lip width, depending on the required size.

The doctors sew the two ends of the wound with surgical sutures that melt automatically within weeks of the operation.

Lip Augmentation:

It has several types:

  • Lift the upper lip;

In which the surgeon opens a groove below the nose in the form of two horns, and removes the skin from the bottom of the nose, which leads to lifting the lip.

  • Lip augmentation and lip lift:

In which the opening of a wound is on the borders of the upper lip from the outside. The doctor removes the skin on top and then sews along the upper lip. Filler is injected to enlarge the lips.

  • Forward lip operation:

The doctor here opens the incision along the upper lip from the outside and pushes the lip from the inside out.

  • Lip enhancement surgery;

The surgeon opens two vertical lines about 3 milliseconds each through the nose. The doctor pulls the small needle through the nylon thread through the two sides of the nose into the upper lip.

And then pulls the floss from the lip to the two, so the lip limits rise by 1-2 ms, and within 3 months of the process shows the final result.

Enlargement of the lips in general include injecting certain substances in the lips to increase their size.

Through surgical openings, the doctor makes internal and external openings on the lip, injects them with the material and then re-stitching the stitches that gradually dissolve after the operation.

BOTOX and Filler:

There is a way to enlarge the lips by non-surgical methods, such as injecting them with the Filler or Botox by following these steps:

  • The doctor uses a fine needle to inject the material in the muscles of the lips on several sessions to reach the desired result, in the case of Botox, which requires the selection of a doctor to perform the process. Sometimes Botox has some negative side effects.
  • The lips cosmetic operation in Turkey by using filler which it is done by filling the spaces between the cells of the lips of certain substances differ in their properties and types in terms of flexibility and chemical composition, and the duration of the results.

Pink the lips:

One of the most important ways to beautify the lips is the Pink of lips to turn the lips into pink color, which is desired by almost every woman, especially Arab women.

Because of the nature of the ethnic color of the lips are often dark or some bad habits such as smoking, which lead to dark color,

Therefore, women tend to use natural mixes which do not give fast and lasting result. So the best solution to pink the lips with different methods.


Methods of pink the lips:

  • Laser:

A false idea has been spread about pink the lips, which are said to be tattoo-like, and they will stain the lips, but this is not true

The process of pink the lips is through the use of a particular type of laser to break the pigments in the lips and prevent accumulation, because the accumulation of pigment melanin one of the reasons for lip color.

  • Plasma:

One way to pink the lips is also plasma injection; in which the lips are injected with platelets and plasma, which stimulate the production of collagen,

It builds a new blood vessel in the lips and increases the blood flow to it, giving it the natural pink color.

  • Filler:

A third method is by injection of the filler, in which the doctor injects the lips with a substance made of Hyaluronic Acid with glycerin

The Filler is used to enlarge the size of the lips as mentioned earlier,

But with this method, the patient gets two advantages, the first is to enlarge the lips, the second lightens the color, and it helps to revitalize the lips by hiding the lines and cracks in them until they appear pink and natural

Candidates for cosmetic surgery:

Lips cosmetic operation can be performed in Turkey at any time and for any person but with certain conditions, including the following:

  • The overall health of the patient is generally good.
  • The patient does not suffer from diseases such as diabetes, chronic diseases or blood clots.
  • The lips must be intact and free from sores and fungi, or any traces of old scars.

How to perform Lips cosmetic operation in Turkey:

Lips cosmetic operation is done in a number of organized and professionally steps:

  • Examination of the patient’s health status:

Pre-operative examinations are performed, to ensure that there are no congenital causes behind the appearance of the lips, such as the advanced teeth, or the presence of advanced gums. The cause is treated before starting the procedure.

  • Giving the patient pre-operative information:

The doctor will give the patient some information before the procedure, such as not eating before the night of the operation, stop smoking and some medicines that harm the results of the operation

  • In the case of laser, the patient should not be sensitive to laser radiation, such as diseases of immune disorders or any kind of severe allergies to the skin, as well as people whose wounds do not heal quickly. It is possible that lumps occur in the wound

Doing the operation:

  • Anesthesia is performed first, depending on the situation, and according to the choice of the specialist doctor with the consultation of the patient, either general anesthesia or local anesthesia with a hypnotist.
  • Sterilize all in the operating room, from tools, doctors and techniques.
  • The desired lip shape is chosen then the doctor makes surgical incisions in the lips.
  • Injecting the filler, or fat which comes from the same person.
  • Finally, the cracks are sewed with sterile medical surgical thread

Post-Process Tips and Guidelines:

  • Adhere to prescribed food which is often fluids.
  • Adherence to medicines and their timing completely.

Recovery period of the Lip cosmetic operation:

  • The period of recovery from cosmetic surgery in Turkey of all types is from 2 to 4 days.
  • The patient can leave the hospital on the same day of the operation, and return to his normal life immediately after the operation.
  • Tumors can occur during the first week, but cold packs calm the swelling.
  • Avoid hot drinks and hot food.
  • Use a soft, high pillow to keep the lips in a relaxed position.
  • The postoperative period is supposed to go quickly and without major problems. If swelling or ulcers last, call your doctor immediately.
  • The final result of the operation will appear after one month

What is the duration of the Lip cosmetic operation?

The duration of Lip cosmetic operation is only one hour. It is done during by professional doctor in the chosen center. The duration includes the starting and finishing time.

Risks of the cosmetic surgery:

  • Asymmetry in volume of lips.
  • Infection.
  • Sores, scars or cramps in the lips.
  • The appearance of allergy, which causes redness, itching and swelling of the lips.
  • Bruising, lasting from one week to 10 days.
  • Bleeding from the surgery site in the lips.
  • Feeling very painful when pressing the injection site

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