Platysmaplasty surgery, or as known as Neck-lift in Turkey, is a plastic surgery conducted by the experienced plastic surgeons to improve the neck region aesthetic appearance. Sometimes it involves the removal of the excess tissue, tightening the skin, and underlying the tissue in the area.

Neck lift procedure

Lifting is by far the most effective and permanent solution to improve the aesthetic appearance of the face and neck. It is often the choice for clients who want to look a lot younger than their actual age. This procedure will change the overall appearance of the person because they will look ten years younger when they succeed. It is not only great for the physical appearance but also the self-esteem and mood booster of the clients.

It is imperative to know that our skin will age as the time goes by. From year to year, it will look less appealing. The outer elements, sunlight, smoking, and other factors can affect the skin’s health. There are a few problems which many people can’t tolerate such as dark circles, aging jawline, neck folds, amongst many other things.

Although there are many beauty products sold in the market, most of them are an only a temporary solution. For those who have done enough with such products, the best option to take is the Neck-Lift in Turkey. So, what is neck-lifting?

What is neck lifting?

Neck lifting is a surgical procedure which removes the excess skin, wrinkles, and folds. The method also fixes the muscle systems so that it will give more durability and longevity to the surface. In this procedure, the excess fat will also be removed. The successful result should be the fresher and younger look of the face and the neck.

The benefits of neck lifting

Looking at the Neck-Lift in Turkey stories shared by the satisfied clients, you should have questions about its perks. You will want to compare this option with the other skin treatment options. Here are the benefits of neck lifting for the clients:

  • Since the neck and face look younger, it can boost the confidence and self-esteem of the client.
  • The youthful will be prolonged. There will be no deep wrinkles and skin fold that annoy your appearance.
  • The contoured chin and jawline.
  • The result lasts longer than any other skin treatments. It is considered the best method to fix the aging skin.
  • It can save your time and effort to treat your skin.

Cost of neck lifting procedure in Turkey

Turkey has been long known as the most renowned country in the medical tourism industry. The doctors, surgeons, and health clinics in Turkey have received tons of recognition from people around the world. It is because those clinics always deliver excellent services, including the neck lifting procedure. And the price does not come exclusively only to riches. It can be one of the most affordable prices in term of this procedure. The cost of Neck-Lift in Turkey starts from $2,500 to $4,500 or can be more depending on the cases of each. Some clinics include the accommodations, meals, and transfer in the package so that their packages would be more expensive than others which do not include those.

The procedure of neck lifting

It is a transformative procedure in cosmetic medicine. The process involves the removal of the fat deposits and excess skin from the neck area, working the underlying muscle in particular manners to improve the patient’s appearance.

For those who are anxious about the procedure, you shouldn’t need to worry. The fact is that the system is one of the safest in the plastic surgery. If you refer to the neck lift surgery two decades ago, of course, the differences with the current one will be a lot.

The modern Neck-Lift in Turkey boasts the high-profile technology which allows the surgeons only use minimal incisions and scarring. That means others won’t notice the traces of the surgery. The renowned clinics in Turkey guarantee that the clients will attain the best and most natural-looking results. It is imperative to know that although it is an invasive surgery, the neck lifting surgery is a safe procedure.

Make sure to contact the right clinics so that you will attain the most satisfying results.