Neck-Lift Turkey, Istanbul

Neck lift is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in recent years, because the glamorous body and tight skin make us look like we are in our twenties, especially the face and neck.

Where the neck shows the beauty and the freshness of the face and the long tight neck is particularly from the signs of health and youth.

So we all want to remove the signs of aging, such as the wrinkles and crease that appear on the neck, so the neck lift surgeries are found.

Many factors may affect the beauty of the neck including:

  • Old age and the flabby neck and the spread of wrinkles which are signs of aging, with age the muscles of the neck become flabby and the skin of the neck and skin tissue become flabby, too and store of fat around.
  • Exposure to the sun for long hours during the day causes the contraction of the face and burning and starting to lose minerals and vitamins and natural collagen and reducing the elasticity of the skin and beginning to accumulate fat in the neck and which increase the lines which are begin from the jaw line to the neck.
  • Obesity which is appeared more frequent in women and the increase and loss in weight causes neck drooping even with the young age of the patient.
  • Double chin problems (Turkey wattles problems).
  • In men, the appearance of Adam’s apple may cause the skin to sag.
  • Some people tend to accumulate fat in the neck and double their size.

All these causes cause loss of neck beauty so patients resort to neck lift.

Neck tightening has several types, sometimes as a complementary process to tighten the face or to sculpt the body in general, and sometimes the patient need to tighten the skin for the reasons mentioned above

The process or treatment itself is done in several ways:

  • Drugs

Using of medicines and creams that contain vitamins under the supervision of the doctor to revitalize the skin and renew its freshness

Botox injections

Botox is made up of a variety of skin nutrients, which stimulate the collagen within the skin to restore skin cells and remove aging and aging aspects.

  • Filler

It is used in the neck tightening in Turkey, which is similar to Botox or with the difference between them and the choice between them is made according to the choice of the doctor, but both are used to treat wrinkles and neck lift, but with defects, including the possibility of returning the neck to its natural situation, which causes to repeat the injection several times.

  • Laser

One of the modern options which are available after the development of research in the areas of the use of laser radiation in cosmetic treatment, where the laser, which has been used in breast surgery is one of the most important means that can give us real results in the field of beauty and tightening of skin in various areas of the body.

And it works to get rid of dead skin and damaged skin layers, and stimulates the secretion of collagen and renew the skin to become soft and tight but it has some defects that are the results do not appear immediately but appear after a period of time, but laser is from successful methods.

  • Surgery

It is used in some situations where you need to radically change the shape of the neck and its composition. Through several types depending on the patient’s condition including:

Dispose of loose and excess skin:

You can be able to tighten the rest of the skin even to the neck area. In some cases it is necessary to deal with the amounts of extended skin, because liposuction and the use of a cosmetic pole to tighten the skin in the neck area may be often a deficient solution and need of an essential cosmetic process to eliminate excess skin.


Suction neck fat

This is in the case of overweight people whose body stores a large amount of fat in the neck. In the neck-tightening operation in Turkey a surgical incision is made in the neck to get rid of those fats.

Facial muscles

Sometimes the process is done in the muscles of the face and not only in the skin because of the relaxation of the muscles under the skin.

Candidate for neck-lift in Turkey

  • If the patient’s age exceeds 40 years.
  • In the case of a young age of the patient, the process is done due to genetic factors or because of weight gain and slimming abnormally.
  • People suffering from lumps, fat or double chin.

Provided that in all previous cases the patient should have good health and psychological stability

Pre-neck lift in Turkey and preparation for the operation:

  1. Talk to your doctor openly and thoroughly until you know the details of the procedure, your expectations and the doctor’s opinion in the appropriate procedure for your condition.
  2. Identify the condition of the patient whether he will only tighten the neck or the neck and the face will be tighten or full liposuction.
  3. In the case of the doctor’s decision to perform the surgery, it is necessary to identify the patient’s health in detail so that the process will be done smoothly and achieve the desired result.
  4. Perform medical examinations and medical tests such as full blood image, chest radiographs and an image of the ECG to ensure the integrity of the body so that no problems occur during the operation.
  5. Refrain from smoking, alcohol and eating at least eight hours before the operation.
  6. Refrain from taking drugs such as aspirin

How is neck lift done in Turkey?

  • The process begins with full body anesthesia.
  • Draw and plan the place to be adjusted and make a small incision under the chin and behind the ear.
  • Separate the skin from the muscles and make an incision from the rim of the earlobe area to the hairline behind the ear and after removing the sagging skin.
  • Cover and lock the wound with medical stitches or metal pins and wrap a bandage or compressive strap around the patient’s head to protect the wound.
  • In the case of muscle sagging, the shape of the muscles is adjusted by making a small incision longitudinal, then separating the skin and coordination to remove fat and excess skin.
  • In the case of sagging of the lateral side muscles, an incision is made along the neck around the trachea.
  • Sometimes the doctor uses the endoscope to make a small incision under the chin in the case of muscle strain.
  • In the case of liposuction, the doctor will make a small incision of 2.0: 5.0 cm, then liposuction and put a compressive strap around the neck for weeks.
  • If the skin of the neck and the lateral muscles are both loose, an incision is made behind the ear as in the previous method to remove the skin and excess fat.
  • Recovery from the operation takes weeks, and the patient can return to normal after a week.
  • It takes two to four hours to remove loose skin, from one hour to two hours of neck liposuction, and two to three hours in case of muscle strain

Risks of neck-tightening in Turkey

Usually, the process does not have significant risks and does not exceed:

  • swelling.
  • Bulges.
  • Sense of numbness and pain

However, at following the doctor’s instructions, this stage is quickly exceeded, but sometimes some rare risks happen such as:

  • Surgery infection is usually superficial and is treated locally, but in some cases it is in the subcutaneous tissue, which requires reopening the wound.
  • Some cases may have bleeding after the operation as a result of rupture of a blood vessel.
  • There may be risks in anesthesia. The process is one of the safe operations in general but sometimes in surgery may happen anything.
  • Allergic complications that appear in many cases when these cosmetic operations are done within cosmetic medical centers which are not responsible for the provided services in the field of cosmetic surgery.

There are a set of instructions to protect and protect the skin before and after the operation:

  1. Exercise and fitness, especially neck-tightening exercises that keep the youth of the neck and reactivate the circulation of the neck, and it prevents sagging, fatigue and wrinkle in the neck skin.
  2. Eat vegetables and fruits that contain vitamins, as well as healthy eating prevents accumulation of fat.
  3. Drinking fluids regularly is one of the main reasons for maintaining the freshness of the skin and its youth in the body in general and not just the neck, so that it keeps its fluids and is not exposed to dehydration and cracking.
  4. Stay away from sun exposure for long periods and use the sunscreen and moisturizing creams under the supervision of the doctor

One of the most important measures that must be taken into account before performing such operations is the search for an advanced, specialized and highly qualified center which we can put our confidence in it.

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