Otoplasty Plastic Surgery - Turkey

Ear plastic surgery in Turkey

is one of the most widespread operations. The aim is to modify or reconstruct the shape of the ear flap, especially the upright ear, or the prominence in a way that makes others laugh, which makes their owner feel distrust and affect their psychological state, especially in children.

But when you make the decision to have ear plastic surgery to achieve the best results for you, it must be your decision to satisfy yourself, and not to follow the opinions of others because the process of ear surgery is a personal process

Types of Ear plastic surgery:

It may be done to minimize the size of ear, or cure the prominence, or cure scars and deformities that may be caused by accidents or injuries

Ideal shape of the ear:

There is no perfect shape for the ear, but the ideal shape of the ear is proportional to the rest of the facial features to be:

  • At birth, it is 66% of its size in adults
  • At the age of 6 it is up to 85%
  • At the age of 9 it is up to 90%
  • Ear length in adults ranges from 5.5 cm to 6 cm
  • Its width is approximately 55% of its length

Ear growth is from 1.5 cm to 2 cm

  • When looking at the ear from the side of the head it must start from the bottom of the nose until the end of the eyebrow

Age and conditions that make the person suitable for the operation of the Ear plastic surgery:

For children:

  • The child must be five years old.
  • He can follow the instructions well.
  • He must have good health and have no ear infections or chronic illness.
  • He must be able to express his feelings and desires to communicate with parents and doctor.
  • He must accept this process

For adults:

This procedure can be performed for any adult provided that he does not dissent these conditions:

  • His expectations for the results are realistic.
  • He must be healthy and mustn’t suffer from any chronic illness.
  • He mustn’t be a smoker or an alcoholic.
  • He mustn’t suffer from any active infection by ear

Causes leading to ear deformity:

  • Incomplete growth.
  • Genetic factors
  • Congenital flaw.
  • Accident exposure

Ear Surgery Candidates:

Ear plastic surgery helps deal with severe ear defects that can come from birth or some kind of outside trauma. Some of the defects that can be corrected with Ear plastic surgery are listed below:


  • Cagot Ear – No earlobe is present
  • Cat’s Ear – The edges of the ear are folded forward, much like a cat’s
  • Lop Ear – Resembling a cup, the ear curves severely inward
  • Scroll Ear – The ears are curled forward, like a rolled up scroll
  • Wildermuth’s Ear – The top curve of the ear is reversed, curving towards the scalp instead
  • Stahl’s Ear Deformity – Abnormal folding of the ear creates a pointed edge, resembling an elf’s ear
  • Cleft Earlobe – An indent occurring in the earlobe
  • Question Mark Ear or Cosman Ear – Resembling a question mark, the ear has a separation in the skull between the earlobe and the outer curve of the ear
  • Microtia – The ears are severely small and underdeveloped
  • Macrotia – Abnormally large ears
  • Constricted Ear – Partial absence of skin and cartilage on the outer back portion of the ear
  • Cryptotia – The upper curved portion of the ear is embedded in the scalp

What to consider before the process of ear beautification:

When you make a decision to perform ear plastic surgery in Turkey, you must consider the following:

  • Discuss with your doctor.
  • If the patient is a child, it must take into account his / her mental state, and understand it by the parents.
  • Find out why you to do Ear plastic surgery.
  • Determine the wanted shape and size
  • Know how the process is done and some details about it.
  • Required analysis and preparations before the operation

How to perform an Ear plastic surgery operation:

It takes from one to two hours. The time can be reduced, and can be increased.

There are steps for this process as follows:

  • Anesthesia:

Local anesthesia is usually used in this procedure, but general anesthesia is performed in children.

The patient is given a sedative in the case of local anesthesia where he is in full consciousness with a relaxed state.

  • The incision:

The cartilage of the ear is detected by making an incision behind the ear.

The cartilage is then sculpted, or part of it is removed as the case to get the desired shape.

Excessive skin is removed if it is present, to get the desired results.

Cartilage is installed to the desired shape, using insoluble threads.

  • Closure:

The incision is sewn using soluble threads which are removed by the doctor.

Slots will disappear with time

Building or Restructuring of the ear Process:

It is different from the cosmetic process in its steps.

This process is done for the following cases:

– Incomplete ear growth, or when the ear is not formed.

– The ear is exposed to an accident and loss of part of it.

How this process is done:

– Anesthesia in this process is a general anesthesia.

– There are three stages, or three operations, sometimes four.

– The period between each operation and the other shall be from three to six months.

– The duration of the single operation is three to four hours.

  • The first stage:

Cartilage is transplanted in the skin of the scalp. The cartilage is either natural which comes from rib cage or artificial, such as Medpore. The pavilion of the ear is formed in the shape of the other ear.

  • The second stage:

The resulting structure is separated and a dorsal skin is formed behind the ear using skin patches.

  • The third stage:

The formation of the ear lobe, and making a hole to the external ear canal

  • The fourth stage:

Ear plastic surgery is done if it is necessary

Post Process:

  • The doctor describes painkillers and antibiotics to complete healing.
  • The postoperative people will leave in the case of adults.
  • Children wait for 24 hours to be reassured by the doctor after the operation.
  • It is normal to feel pain, or to have some postoperative effects.
  • In these cases, contact your doctor immediately: (bleeding – swelling plus – fever – collision the place of wound)
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions on how to change the bandage and deal with it during sleep.
  • If the threads do not melt, the sutures are removed after one week of operation.
  • Scars and the effects of surgery disappear, with time gradually.
  • You can return to work two hours after the operation.
  • Children prefer not to return to school until one week after the operation

Things you should know about Ear plastic surgery in Turkey:

Turkey is distinguished by its high quality medical and cosmetic services, and the availability of clinics, beauty centers which are expertise.

Turkish cosmetic surgeons are famous and have a good reputation in all areas of cosmetics.

Turkey has become a destination for tourism and treatment for visitors from all over the world. By comparing the cost of plastic surgery in Turkey to other countries, it is much less.

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First Plastic Surgery Center offers for those who wanted to perform Ear plastic surgery in Turkey the following:

  • The presence of an integrated professional medical staff:

Ensuring the presence of a full-time medical team that has been practicing Turkish ear surgery for a long time, making your decision to make this process easier, where you will enjoy the best care

  • High level of sterilization

Sterilization is one of the most important things that ensure you to have a good health, and not to suffer any complications in the operation and protect the wound from infections or other infections that may occur due to poor sterilization, where First Plastic Surgery Center has the best types of sterilization devices.

  • Medical equipment

First Plastic Surgery Center has the best medical equipment to provide you with comfort, reassurance, successful results and confidence during the operation and the during the recovery process.

  • Medical follow-up

First Plastic Surgery center Turkey follows its patients since the arrival to the center, and requests the necessary analysis, and follows up the state of health of its patients, and determine the appropriate time and preparation for the operation.

  • Results and follow-up after the procedure:

First Plastic Surgery Center provides follow-up to its patients from the center until the patient is completely cured from the operation wound, to ensure the desired result.

  • Appropriate cost:

In Turkey, the cost of a cosmetic surgery is different in the case of First Plastic Surgery clinic from one condition to another. This is determined by contacting the center through the visit or by sending the pictures which are requested by the doctor.

First Plastic Surgery Center ensures that anyone who wants to perform an ear surgery in Turkey has a very suitable cost, in return for outstanding results and distinguished services.

So do not hesitate to communicate with us, once you have taken the decision to have Ear plastic surgery in Turkey to see all the details