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Stomach Tuck surgery in Turkey

is one of the plastic surgery and pathological at the same time, where the process depends on the treatment of obesity problems in some people, whose weight is a source of disability for them, and they need to reduce their weight, to avoid complications and disease at the nervous, respiratory and muscular systems

When is Stomach Tuck surgery done in Turkey?

The Stomach Tuck surgery in Turkey is done after the patient has exhausted all the opportunities that can make him lose weight, without the need for this process. Here we are talking here about the natural ways to reduce, such as:

  • Severe diet: in which fat-free food, fat-free meat, healthy fish, vegetables and fruits are eaten.
  • Sports, which is a solution that precedes other important solutions, as jogging and the exercise of body movement activities and burning fat is a healthy and safe way to reduce weight.
  • The electrical appliances and talking about it goes on, especially after the spread in recent years of a large number of devices, most of which rely on the movement of fat in the body in order to burn grease.
  • If after the use of natural methods and traditional methods and not to obtain effective results or temporary loss of weight which quickly return again, we go to the final solution which is a Stomach Tuck surgery.

What are the Stomach Tuck surgeries in Turkey?


  • Stomach Tuck operations in Turkey are a surgical procedure which is done by an Endoscopic Ultrasound and long devices inserted into the abdomen through surgical incisions that are made in the abdominal wall in order to reach the stomach, and often the number of the surgical incisions are three to four. Each of them is one centimeter long.
  • After the surgical incisions, a mono carbon gas is introduced, which in turn inflates the abdomen and gives space for the use of endoscopic instruments.
  • Among the used tools is a tool that contains a lens and a light source, through which we can connect the lens to the electronic screen and see the inside of the abdomen clearly and with precise control can be controlled.
  • After inserting the endoscope to the abdominal cavity, the process begins, where the doctor lifts the liver for clearer vision of the stomach and finally inserts the ring with a valve through which the stomach is divided into two parts, usually:

A Small upper part

A large lower part

  • The doctor should be careful to not damage the vessels that are present in the stomach.

Finally, the abdominal cavity is washed with a physiological serum which is composed of sodium chloride salt, which regulates the pH then the doctor withdraws the serum from the inside of the abdomen. This phase is aimed at removing the blood that may bleed from the stomach due to the stomach tuck process and due to the moving of the endoscopy instruments within the abdomen.

  • The surgery finishes by the removal of endoscopy instruments, and then emptying the abdomen from gas, and finally cosmetic threads are done in the places of incisions which the endoscopy instruments are inserted.

What is the importance of using the valve which is connected to the ring in the stomach tuck?

After finishing the stomach tuck surgery in Turkey, the final form of the stomach will be a small upper cavity which is followed by a lower wider cavity, so when the person eats a meal, the food will pass initially to the upper abdomen and Through which the person will feel full, and therefore he will stop eating more food, and over time the person will lose weight gradually.

If a person wants a larger area of the stomach, this can be controlled by the connected valve to the ring. The size of the stomach can be returned by removing the valve when the person feels that he has reached the weight he wishes to reach

What is the level of safety of Gastric Band Procedure?

There are a number of concerns about Gastric Band procedure whether it can be done or if it has possible side effects. Here, it should be emphasized that the quality of the results and the level of safety of these processes is closely related to several factors:

  • The experience of the medical center which is doing the operation.
  • The experience of the supervising doctors.
  • The extent of post-operative care.
  • The extent of compliance with the conditions of the operation

The most important centers for the Gastric Band Procedure in Turkey:

Many medical centers are now specialized in this type of operation, especially as the rates of obesity around the world are on the rise, which requires many people to take real and serious steps to get rid of this excess size and fat blocks that surround them, .

The obesity operations are needed away from cosmetic goals. It is necessary to highlight many of the centers that can adopt these procedures. One of the most successful examples of Gastric Band Procedure in Turkey is First Plastic Surgery Center which is specialized in plastic surgery

Because First Plastic Surgery Center is looking for the comfort of the patient, it has provided you with the best services and modern technical means to ensure your comfort and safety

First Plastic Surgery Center offers for those who wanted to perform a Gastric Band Procedure in Turkey the following:

  • The presence of an integrated professional medical staff:

Ensuring the presence of a full-time medical team that has been practicing Tummy Tuck surgery for a long time, making your decision to make this process easier, where you will enjoy the best care

  • High level of sterilization

Sterilization is one of the most important things that ensure you to have a good health, and not to suffer any complications in the operation and protect the wound from infections or other infections that may occur due to poor sterilization, where First Plastic Surgery Center has the best types of sterilization devices.

  • Advanced Medical equipment

First Plastic Surgery Center has the best medical equipment to provide you with comfort, reassurance, successful results and confidence during the operation and the during the recovery process. Gastric Band Procedure is from type of surgeries which is done by endoscopy, and therefore it requires special equipment, which is not found in traditional medical centers. The First Plastic Surgery Center is the best center which is equipped with instruments of HD camera, Ideal lighting as well as advanced screens for doctors’ accuracy

  • The speed of work:

One of the most important advantages of First Plastic Surgery center is that it performs fast and professional surgeries, so there is no need to worry about time. The 60 minutes is only what keeps you from achieving your dream of reducing your weight

  • Medical care:

The medical care service is provided by First Plastic Surgery Center which makes it very distinctive. After leaving the operating room, the patient will have a period of health obstruction due to the presence of gases that have been injected into the abdomen during the operation. The patient also has recurrent colic, and all these complications are the result of the nature of the Gastric Band Procedure in Turkey.

The medical care center will transfer the patient after the operation from the operating room to the medical care center, where the necessary analgesics colic and carminative will be given to remove the gases.


  • Medical follow-up

First Plastic Surgery center Turkey follows its patients since the arrival to the center, and requests the necessary analysis, and follows up the state of health of its patients, and determine the appropriate time and preparation for the operation.

  • Results and follow-up after the procedure:

First Plastic Surgery Center provides follow-up to its patients from the center until the patient is completely cured from the operation wound, to ensure the desired result.

The advantages of the Gastric Band Procedure in Turkey:



The Gastric Band Procedure can lose weight very quickly. Only several months is enough for the body to have its new shape and appearance, and therefore it will be time to reveal the covers from the mirror in your home, and restore the confidence and get rid from the embarrassment which is caused by the fat appearance .

The ability to restore the stomach size:

A lot of other methods can be used to lose weight. Most notably method is cutting the stomach, which cuts a large part of the stomach instead of Gastric Band, which makes the person lose weight, but what if the person wants to restore the size of the stomach. In this case it is impossible, while in the Gastric Band Procedure, the size of the stomach can be restored by a new surgical process in a few minutes. The stomach is released from that ring and stretches again and takes the real size.

Disadvantages of the Gastric Band Procedure:

The many complications associated with this type of surgery are among the most important risks that must be taken care of before starting such operations. The Gastric Band Procedure is now used in the wrong ways by doctors who do it as a career without taking into consideration ethical aspects which leads to serious problems such as:

Psychological depression

Inactive body

Intestinal cramps.

Gastrointestinal problems

When you are doing Gastric Band Procedure in Turkey within the GED Medical Center, you will be in trustworthy hands. The Center takes into consideration all precautions related to:

  1. The person’s health

Through the eligibility to do such a process, where this process requires preparation and stop taking some drugs, especially blood thinners, all these instructions are taken at a previous stage by the doctor supervising the situation within the center.

  1. Age of the person

It is not permissible to perform this operation for any person who has to be a person within the appropriate age group, as determined by specialists:

Begins at the age of 18 years: that is, it begins after the completion of the growth of physical structure and the acquisition of the body the entire mass of the presumed weight, and therefore no significant growth in mass size after this age, which gives us a clear indication of the need for direct surgical.

At the age of 60: After this age, such an operation is undesirable, because of the large interactions that can occur except that the risk of this age forces us not to do this operation.

Causes of obesity and cases in which Gastric Band Procedure can be done in Turkey:


Genetics is one of the most common cases where children are born from a young age with a large physical mass and grow rapidly based on genes coming from their parents.

Obesity gained:

The result of life style is erroneous, such as sitting for long periods, inactivity, and in cases of hunger in eating, where the person eat a lot of food irresponsibly, which ultimately end up with the problem of obesity.

Thyroid problems:

The thyroid gland controls many organs in the body and any abnormalities that can cause great obesity. In this case, the priority is to treat the hormonal problem first and then to move to the treatment of obesity.

First Plastic Surgery Center announces that it continues to receive cases of excessive obesity, in the presence of distinguished medical staff that can assess the situation correctly and comprehensively on the physical and psychological level, and study the available solutions before deciding that the operation should be carried out or not.