Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery Turkey

Tummy Tuck in Turkey:

In addition to the attraction and the beauty of Turkey, Turkey has recently witnessed a major boom in cosmetic surgery. It has done all kinds of cosmetic procedures such as tummy tucks in Turkey, ear surgery, hair transplantation and many other cosmetic procedures.

You are not looking for a cosmetic operation in Turkey unless you find high qualified specialists who are using the latest and the best medical techniques.

Turkey has become one of the best countries to perform surgical operations with skill and high quality, in addition to competitive prices in the world.

The importance of tummy tucks in Turkey:

Turkey’s top cosmetic surgery operations are at the forefront of tummy tuck operations. The impressive results of tummy tucks in Turkey and the provision of high-quality medical services have made it a therapeutic destination for thousands of people a year.

These distinctive medical and cosmetic services apply to all cosmetic procedures, not just tummy tucks.

Every woman who wants to restore her body agility and get a tummy which is free of flabbiness after childbirth can resort to tummy tucks. The surgery is done for a lot of cases such as: postnatal procedures, especially after caesarean sections, and each person who has a large weight that causes loose skin around the abdomen. And he could not remove it with exercise. The solution is to perform tummy tucks in Turkey and get a tight belly, free of wrinkles and cracks.

Although doctors in Turkey are highly qualified and well-known, we recommend that you review your doctor’s record when you decide to have a tummy tuck in Turkey. You must know if the doctor was certified by a world-class university in the field of tummy tucks and liposuction.

Also, you need to know the cost and the technique which are used in the process, and you must know if you need only skin tightening or liposuction as well, and the number of consultations and follow-up expected after the operation.

But do you know how tummy tucks are performed in Turkey, and what mechanism is used? In tummy tuck, the skin is cut and removed at the stomach area. Initially, however, the doctor will determine the shape of the abdomen to see where the tummy tuck will take place, and the duration of the operation is approximately 2 hours for 3 hours and is performed under total anesthesia. And there are two types of tummy tuck.

Types of tummy tucks

  • Total tummy tuck, in which the abdominal muscles are stretched along the abdomen, with the removal of fat and adipose in the lower abdomen.
  • Mini or partial Tummy Tuck which is the second type of tummy tucks, and this process is easier and simpler than the total tummy tuck. It is done without touching the navel. The process is done in the lower part of the abdomen and sometimes if there is an excess fat, a liposuction is combined with tummy tuck, and this procedure is mostly performed for people who enjoy strong abdominal muscles.

After the surgery is done, the scar remains in place. This is normal. This scar which is at the bottom of the abdomen disappears over time.

You can go back and walk after two weeks of surgery, but you cannot exercise before one month.

You have to know that in order for this process to take place, there are some conditions you can do.

Conditions for Tummy Tuck surgeries:

  • You have flabbiness or lacerations in the abdominal area.
  • Be healthy and have a perfect weight, and you do not have any chronic diseases, so we always advise not to neglect exercising with eating healthy and useful food.
  • When you could not remove the fat in the abdomen through exercise or diet

But you certainly wonder why we recommend tummy tucks in Turkey and not other countries!

In Turkey, you will find professional medical staff, many medical centers which are using modern methods and techniques of cosmetic surgery with the best methods of sterilization.

Turkey has been famous for its success in the area of cosmetic surgery and doctors have proven their competence in Tummy Tuck surgeries with customer testimonials.

As for the price, when comparing the price of tummy tucks in Turkey and tummy tucks in other countries, the cost in Turkey is the best. It is suitable for anyone who wants to perform tummy tucks in a healthy and safe manner, while continuing to follow the situation after the end of the process.

In short we can say that you will get advanced treatment services of high quality and at reasonable prices.

At First Plastic Surgery Center in Turkey, you can perform a tummy tuck without anxiety or fear. The center offers you the best quality integrated services that exceed your expectations.

It is not just a cosmetic surgery center. First Plastic Surgery clinic has the best medical staff and the latest technology to help each patient get the most comfort, safety and access to the best results.

Because First Plastic Surgery Center is looking for the comfort of the patient, it has provided you with the best services and modern technical means to ensure your comfort and safety

First Plastic Surgery Center offers for those who wanted to perform a Tummy Tuck in Turkey the following:

  • The presence of an integrated professional medical staff:

Ensuring the presence of a full-time medical team that has been practicing Tummy Tuck surgery for a long time, making your decision to make this process easier, where you will enjoy the best care

  • High level of sterilization

Sterilization is one of the most important things that ensure you to have a good health, and not to suffer any complications in the operation and protect the wound from infections or other infections that may occur due to poor sterilization, where First Plastic Surgery Center has the best types of sterilization devices.

  • Medical equipment

First Plastic Surgery Center has the best medical equipment to provide you with comfort, reassurance, successful results and confidence during the operation and the during the recovery process.

  • Medical follow-up

First Plastic Surgery center Turkey follows its patients since the arrival to the center, and requests the necessary analysis, and follows up the state of health of its patients, and determine the appropriate time and preparation for the operation.

  • Results and follow-up after the procedure:

First Plastic Surgery Center provides follow-up to its patients from the center until the patient is completely cured from the operation wound, to ensure the desired result.

  • Appropriate cost:

In Turkey, the cost of a cosmetic surgery is different in the case of First Plastic Surgery clinic from one condition to another. This is determined by contacting the center through the visit or by sending the pictures which are requested by the doctor.

First Plastic Surgery Center ensures that anyone who wants to perform a Tummy tuck surgery in Turkey has a very suitable cost, in return for outstanding results and distinguished services.

So do not hesitate to communicate with us, once you have taken the decision to have Ear plastic surgery in Turkey to see all the details