Vaginoplasty Plastic Surgery

Vaginoplasty Plastic Surgery Turkey, Istanbul

The process of tighten up the vagina is one of the procedures to solve the problem of loosed muscles of the vagina, which may occur as a result of repeated vaginal childbirth or age. The couple begins to complain and search for a solution.

The Vaginoplasty operation in Turkey:

Before we think about using any cosmetic surgery, we must be aware of the real benefits which this process can bring to us.

In the context of our talk about vaginal tightening in Turkey, many people don’t consider this surgery a necessary cosmetic surgery.

Returning to the point of view of science in this area, science confirms that many cases make the muscles of the vagina slack and expand significantly.

Therefore, we must deal with these cases through vaginal tightening in Turkey. These processes can treat a real problem which we suffer from.

From this perspective, many beauty centers have started to promote these processes, and their positive effects on the psychological state, as well as on private married life

Doing Vaginoplasty operation in Turkey:

At First Plastic Surgery Center which is one of the best centers in the field of cosmetic surgery in Turkey, the Center will help you make the right decision through an organized mechanism through which the Center will explain the steps and risks of the operation

And the extent to which women to have such operations and therefore the center makes the subject clear away from the profit and then if the process is decided to do, the center uses the necessary equipment to ensure 100% of the success of the process. Here are the most prominent cases where the procedure to tighten up the vagina in Turkey can be done:

Candidates for vaginal tightening:

  • Postpartum cases:

Certainly, vaginal childbirth is a major cause of the expansion of the vaginal area. When the fetus is removed from the cervix, an expansion of the uterus and vaginal wall occurs, especially if the vaginal childbirth s is repeated

In addition, the expansion is often associated with some cases of rupture of the membranes lining the vagina, and here we find that women come out from vaginal childbirth in a difficult situation that may make them psychologically depressed and suffer from real problems in their reproductive area

All this makes them think about the solutions which are best to do vaginal tightening surgery in Turkey

Through this process, women can improve the appearance of this area and treat severe ruptures.

  • Improvement of married life:

At vaginal childbirth or with age, the vaginal area and neck of the vagina expand gradually, until it makes the married life miserable.

The couple begin to suffer in their own married lives, and they begin to lose the real pleasure when they are together, which makes the woman look for solutions

The process of tighten up the vagina is one of those available solutions, which treats the severe expansion of the vagina, and restore the vagina to its size and natural dimensions.

  • For cosmetic purposes:

Cosmetic operations are found in order to help everyone to be nicer, and to deal with aging cases and manifestations of aging and other manifestations that make us often depressed

The process of tighten up the vagina in Turkey is only one of the cosmetic surgery which is used by women in order to obtain a more beautiful appearance for this sensitive area.

This area directly affects the psychological state of women, and their married relations in the post-marriage period

Types of vaginal tightening procedures in Turkey:

  1. Laser vaginal tightening:

First Plastic Surgery Center offers this kind of modern operation, which is only available in advanced centers which are equipped with modern laser technology

This method is faster than the surgical method, but it causes severe pain that is often done under local anesthesia and has great results

The technique of laser vaginal tightening in Turkey relies on heating the area of the lining of the vagina to high degrees, using laser

This can eliminate the vagina from excess layers, restore all damaged layers as a result of repeated vaginal childbirth, and other manifestations of aging that lead to expansion of the skin and membranes in the vaginal area.

This method requires only 15-30 minutes, after which the operation has been completed and the vaginal neck nozzle has returned to the nearest normal shape.

  1. Surgical vaginal tightening:

This process is the most common and gives more accurate results, especially as the doctor is dealing directly with all the problems that he sees

And thus can assess the problem and then do the action that he finds appropriate on the medical level.

The surgical procedure treats various cases of stretch, tear and vaginal expansion, through a series of surgical steps that begin first which are:

Assessment phase:

Here we mean the preparation phase, because the surgical procedures are different from any other surgical procedure.

This process needs to be explained, accurately and fully understood what needs to be done, in order to achieve results that are commensurate with the level of work, and at the level of the name of First Plastic Surgery Center.

  • Phase of disposal of damaged layers:

In the first practical stages of work, it is always necessary to prepare the conditions for the start of the tighten up operations, and this should be done by eliminating the extra layers of the vagina, which are the most harmful of the many layers of the vagina.

As well as rid of the torn layers that are resulted from repeated vaginal childbirth, or even because of sexual life which cause many ruptures in the lining.

  • Tighten up phase:

This phase involves a tightening of the layers in the lining of the uterus. Through this tighten, the nozzle will be pulled at the cervix, and we will get an amazing result if the situation is compared before and after the operation.

  • Stitching stage:

Cosmetic surgery should leave behind only the beautiful effect, so at First Plastic Surgery center in Turkey, after completion of the tighten up the vagina in Turkey, it sew the place of the wound and place of the tighten, through threads which do not have any effect because they melt automatically over time

What is the duration of Vaginoplasty in Turkey?

The specialist physician in the professional centers, like First Plastic Surgery Center, needs about 60 minutes. This period can be increased in cases of severe vaginal damage

Especially in the case of this process is carried out around the age of fifty, where the features of the expansion began to be clear

What is the required period of recovery after the operation of Vaginoplasty in Turkey?

The women who have undergone this process can return to their homes on the same day that they have done the surgery. This is which is characteristic of this process and they can carry out their traditional work and activities only 24 – 48 hours after the end of the operation

When to have sex after Vaginoplasty in Turkey:

Certainly sex in this case should be cautious

This is not allowed in the first postoperative period, while the expected time for wound healing is approximately four weeks, plus two weeks to increase safety margin.

In order to avoid any situations that would affect the results of the process,

Thus, the average time for cosmetic doctors which they allow to return to sex naturally without risk is six weeks.

What if Vaginoplasty does not succeed in Turkey?

There is no need to fear. In rare cases where there may be the surgical threads are turned down, or any other condition that can make the procedure unsuccessful

A complementary surgical procedure can be done by which we can get the desired results and get the desired shape.

What are the side effects of Vaginoplasty in Turkey?

After the completion of any surgery there must be some complications that are solved through the correct behavior with them, and Vaginoplasty include complications that can occur:

  • Tumor in the vaginal area.
  • Numerous bruises around the vagina.
  • Simple cases of allergies and itching.
  • Problems with urination and getting some type of urination burn

All previous complications are a normal phenomenon for this type of operation. Within two days, these manifestations can disappear if the person commits to do the following:

  • Not to have sex
  • Do not overpressure while urinating
  • Repeated changing the bandage by using special skin cleansers

In the case the surgery is done at First Plastic Surgery center, the responsibility for changing the bandage, and the responsibility for monitoring and supervising the post-operation situation, lies with the Center within the framework of the outstanding medical care service which it provided and which starts from the arrival of the patient to the center until after the operation.

The most important thing to say about Vaginoplasty is that it is safe if you are in a specialized center with strong capabilities,

Which in addition to the process of Vaginoplasty there are other operations which can be done to beautify the external shape of the vagina after the childbirth.

Or even women who want to restore the beauty of this area, such as the labiaplasty and many other rare cosmetic operations

You can also be among the lucky clients who have had the chance to have a cosmetic surgery at a global professional center named First Plastic Surgery

You can contact the Center directly or through its website or its numbers, and find out a broader explanation about the Vaginoplasty in Turkey or any cosmetic surgery