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Neck Lift: Kind of Cosmetic Surgery. Cosmetic surgery is very popular in Turkey, especially for those often in the public eye, like actresses and models. You may know about some of the more traditional procedures, but cosmetic surgery, also called plastic surgery can help to achieve a variety of different looks all over a person’s body.

Neck lifting is a surgical procedure which removes the excess skin, wrinkles, and folds. The method also fixes the muscle systems so that it will give more durability and longevity to the surface. In this procedure, the excess fat will also be removed. The successful result should be the fresher and younger look of the face and the neck.

Before you go under the knife, learn about the different kinds of cosmetic surgery and how it can help you. First and foremost, there are the types of plastic surgery that everyone talks about. At the top of that lift is the neck (now in Turkey). The technical name for this procedure is Platysmaplasty,. This procedure will change the overall appearance of the person because they will look ten years younger when they succeed. Another popular form of cosmetic surgery is the rhinoplasty, which is otherwise known as the nose job. Tummy tucks, technically called abdominplasty, are common too.

There are also some less well-known cosmetic surgeries that people have every day, including ones to change a person’s sexual organs. Other less common cosmetic surgeries inclue buttock augmentation (enhancement of the buttocks), chin and cheek augmentations (enhancements around the face), rhytidectomy (face lifts), and otoplasty (reshaping of the ear). In most cases, these surgeries are done purely for cosmetic reasons—hence the name cosmetic surgery.

Liposuction, or suction-assisted lipectomy, is classified as yet another kind of plastic surgery. In this procedure, the surgeon removes fat from a person’s body. On the other hand, collagen, fat, and tissue filler injections are another kind of plastic surgery that adds fat to a small area of your body where it may be lacking. Chemical peels are probably the least drastic of the cosmetic surgeries you can receive. A chemical peel is meant to reduce acne, scars, wrinkles, freckles, and age sports by applying a layer of acid to your face and allowing the top layer of your skin to peel and form fresh new skin.

Before considering any of these cosmetic surgeries, talk to your doctor. Not all cosmetic surgeries are safe or will work for all people, and there are some real horror stories of patients who have had failed surgeries. Most of the time, surgeries work, but in the end, surgery is always a risk. Only you can decide if your looks are worth that risk.

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